Rules – Lake Livingston


For you own safety, Do NOT try to paddle to Pine Island.  It is much further that it looks and weather conditions change quickly.  (see pix below).  A fine will be assessed to anyone violating the rules resulting in the Park being called out to rescue individuals.

    1. Do NOT go past the three buoys (i.e. do NOT leave the protected cove).  See pix below
    2. State laws require that each person have a Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) onboard that is properly sized and fitted.  Children under 13 and non-swimmers  must wear a PFD at all times.  Click on this link for information on how to properly select and fit a lifejacket.   If there is not a properly sized PFD or if a PFD is in need of repair,  stop using the Equipment, return it and notify Paddle EZ.
    3. If you hear an airhorn, please return rental equipment immediately b/c potentially dangerous weather conditions are imminent
    4. If a particular date is not available, that means operations are shut down because of poor weather conditions
    5. During busy holidays / weekends, it is recommended you purchase a day pass before you go b/c the park can become crowded enough that they do not allow additional visitors.
    6. Carefully inspect the equipment prior to using to ensure there are no punctures, holes or damage that might cause the equipment to take on water.  Also check to ensure kayaks do not have water in their hull.  You agree, prior to operating the equipment, to stop using the equipment and notify Paddle EZ if there are any issues with the equipment.  If you later determine the equipment is not operating properly,  immediately stop using the Equipment, return it and notify Paddle EZ