How to rent

  • Notice to Thieves – all rental equipment has a GPS tracking chip
  • Do not use equipment when there is lightening or wind
  • Local Laws – each person must have a lifejacket onboard & Children under 13 & non-swimmers must wear a lifejacket

How to rent:

  • Go to
  • Select your location & equipment –  price is $18 / hr
  • Checkout and create a 4 – digit pin

How to check-out / return equipment:

  • Your order confirmation has your locker #
  • Enter your pin in the lock and press the checkmark (pin can be used multiple times)
  • When your time is up, return equipment and lock-up with your pin
  • Please return equipment on-time or LATE FEES WILL APPLY
  • MAKE SURE TO RETURN LIFEJACKETS TO THE CORRECT LOCKER, they have the locker number on them


  • Any tips?  Yes, go upwind first in case you get tired
  • Max weight?  225 lbs for paddleboards, 400 lbs total for kayaks
  • Lifejackets?  Each kayak locker has a child 30-50 lbs, 50-90 lbs, & 2 adult lifejackets.  Each paddleboard locker has 1 adult
  • More FAQs and instructional videos @

If you have issues, please TEXT 512.772.5686

For life threatening emergencies, call 911