How do I rent?

click here for detailed instructions

Does my pin work more than once?

Yes, your pin is valid throughout your rental period and can be used multiple times.


My credit card was declined, what do i do?

Please try a different card or different type of card (debit card vs credit card).

What is the max weight?

Paddleboards  – 225 lbs

1-2 person kayaks – 400 lbs combined weight

Do you provide lifejackets?

Yes, each kayak locker has four life jackets (youth 30-50lb, 50-90lb, & two adult).  Each paddleboard locker has one adult life jacket.  Children must be accompanied by an adult and children under 30 lbs are not permitted.  If your locker does not have the appropriate lifejacket, please text  512.772.5686 for assistance

How do I rent equipment?

Select your location from the home page to get started.  We have designed an intuitive process that doesn’t require detailed instructions.

How do I access the rental equipment?

In your confirmation email, you can see which locker(s) you were assigned.   Go to the locker(s) and enter the 4 digit pin you created during the checkout process.  If you forgot your pin, it is also in your confirmation email.

If you didn’t receive the confirmation email, please check your email spam folder.

Do you have an iPhone app?

We don’t have a formal app, but our  mobile optimized website will seem like an app if you:

  1.  Go to paddleEZ.com on your smartphone using safari as your browser
  2.  On the bottom menu bar, select the square with an arrow pointing up
  3.  On the bottom row of options, scroll to the right and select “Add to home screen”
  4.  Select “Add” at the top left of the configuration screen

Now it will seem like you have a dedicated Paddle EZ app.

Is paddleboarding difficult, will I be able to stand up?

One of the great things about paddleboarding is that practically anyone can do it and our boards are very stable.  When you are learning, we recommend you paddle on your knees for a bit till you get the hang of it.  Also watch the video below for some tips.

Do I need to know how to swim?

YES.  While we provide life-jackets, we firmly believe that to enjoy water-sports, you must first be very comfortable in the water which means knowing how to swim.