Rules – Lake Chelan

  1. Due to winds that occur at 6pm most nights, all rentals must be back by 6pm (I agree)
  2. Do NOT attempt to paddle to the other side of the lake (I agree)
  3. Stay within 300 Meters (~900 feet) of shore (I agree)
  4. Do NOT paddle beyond Willow Point Park or Wapato Park- see pix below (I agree)
  5. State laws require that each person wear a Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) at all times that is properly sized and fitted.  Also, you must have a whistle with you.  Click on this link for information on how to properly select and fit a lifejacket.   If there is not a properly sized PFD or if a PFD is in need of repair,  stop using the Equipment, return it and notify Paddle EZ.
  6. Carefully inspect the equipment prior to using to ensure there are no punctures, holes or damage that might cause the equipment to take on water.  Also check to ensure kayaks do not have water in their hull.  You agree, prior to operating the equipment, to stop using the equipment and notify Paddle EZ if there are any issues with the equipment.  If you later determine the equipment is not operating properly,  immediately stop using the Equipment, return it and notify Paddle EZ
  7. Know your limits: Regardless of your level of experience, paddle within your, and your group’s abilities and Limits (I agree to paddle within my limits)
  8. Pack the essentials: What you take with you is what you have to survive and rescue yourself in case of an emergency.  This includes a communication device, water, food, and extra clothes (I agree to take the essentials)